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Why Android App Development?

Why we are Android app development company?

Mobile phones are the type of devices which contributes huge share from all devices. According to StatCounter, Android is the OS which has 95.77%+ smartphone market share in India. As a mobile app development company in Pune, we can confidently say that it might be 98.5%+ in Pune. With big play store, and open source platform, Android has become a first choice of app developer. As a mobile app development company in Pune, we always tried to increase the ROI of our clients for app development. Due to increasing market share of Android in India, we always suggest our clients to target android app among others. If 9 out of 10 persons are using such amazing Android OS, then it will always be a smart choice.

mobile app development company in pune
process of app development company in pune

Our App Development Process

Why our app development is faster and better?

The demand of faster app development in Pune is increasing day by day. We understand that the busy clients like you has less time to launch your dream apps. We also understand you want to see your application's prototype as soon as possible. To fulfill this demand we have adopted the Agile and DevOps methodologies. It makes the project cost-effective, flexible and Interactive. Yes, many mobile app development companies in Pune might be using it, But add-on to that we also have our own custom-built libraries which helps us to make faster apps without any bugs. For better quality we are also working on those technologies which are well performed and proven in market. Instead, trial and error on client's project we prefer to use technologies with better support and stability, It helps us reduces the risk built while developing the applications.

Awarded Twice

Oceanspace Technologies has received Business Champion and Business fighter award, in the year 2018 and 2019 respectively from Ace Speculum, Pune. As a mobile app development company in Pune, We are always bound to provide a quality service.

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Certified Partner

We are officially certified partner of India's top payment gateways. Integration of the payment gateway in an application for app development companies, in Pune is totally secured like never before. Register your account and start collecting the payments from your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile application development is a limitless thing. The creativity and innovation is always the pillars of it. In city like a Pune, precision, time and cost all these are challenging factors for any mobile app development company in Pune. Every mobile application has its own purpose, and purpose always comes with questions. Let's see some frequently asked questions to the app developer in Pune.

The answer is It Depends

Not only for app development company in Pune but also, Time and cost are the things which completely depends on the type of application, technology used and requirements. Even after the requirements are precisely given earlier, time may get vary, after addition of few changes or features.

Android is very much user oriented operating system. User experience is continuously improving by each update. Application uses libraries from OS, therefore some old codes gets deprecated. Deprecated codes and libraries find difficulty in compatibility in future OS updates, resulting in crashing and disability of features and application work.

Play store is the thing which we cannot control. It might take few days to week to show the application in play store after publishing the app. In the situation like current pandemic, the review and publishing time may also get increase.

The answer is Yes and No

If the business model of application doesn't require any legal licenses then, there is no such requirements from play store every time. Usually play store doesn't ask for any legal documents, but the government does. Some application applications like medical, News media may require some additional details for review.

Android and iOS are completely different operating system. Application developed for one will not work for others. Application for both OS needs different type of development work.

Yes! As mentioned previously Android OS publishes many updates and upgrade frequently. It is always best practice to keep the application upgraded to the latest technologies. It is always a good choice to take better maintenance package from the app development company.

In most of the cases the reason for this is Old devices. The Latest applications will not work on old devices. Application will not visible to the old devices in play store. Even after sharing the app's package file it will show unsupported message while installing the package file.

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